Friday, April 12, 2013

April DJ Line-Up & Schedule

Now that we're officially open, we want to keep things rolling!

Here's our initial DJ line-up:

Area 54 Performance Schedule: APRIL 2013
MON 6PM 8PM Bloo'n'Dot Electro House Club 54
TUE 6PM 8PM Kread Fallen Mix TBA
WED 6PM 8PM Kread Fallen Mix TBA
THU 4PM 6PM DJ Dar Rock, Mix Club 54
FRI 6PM 8PM Anubis Mix Club 54
SAT 7PM 9PM DJ Dox Alternative Club 54

Please remember!!  When attending a performance inworld, you need to turn on BOTH the audio and (parcel) media streams (the latter requires that you have QuickTime(tm) installed).

While we do have at least one DJ performing per day, we're still open to others to fill other time slots, especially for the Euro and AsiaPac crowds.  Contact TJ inworld for more info!

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