Friday, February 15, 2013

Firing up Area 54 in Second Life!

Area 54 is now a reality in Second Life!

After years of inching forward, we finally have our foothold in the Second Life grid, along with the existing Area 54's in the VeeSome and InWorldz grids!  Yes, there is a master plan at play amid the madness, and it will be revealed in good time, but until then, just enjoy the experience!  ;)

We are tentatively planning to officially open Area 54 in SL in late March or early April, and we will do it with a bang! We expect to have some of the best DJ's in SL, along with a live performance by a great touring and recording artist (to be named later!) to go with our unique immersive multi-media experience. In addition, we will be live-streaming our opening events on the web so that everyone can join in the party!  In fact, we eventually plan to live-stream ALL of our events, big and small, but we'll have to see how things work out as we move ahead.

Between now and then, there's a lot to do. The physical build is done, and anyone is welcome to visit us and check the build out here.  We're on land generously provided by our technical and media partner AviewTV.

Several media-powered builds make up Area 54, one of them a recent winner of both the Artist's Choice and People's Choice awards in the UWA's 3D Art Challenge.  There's a teleport network that llinks them all, so it's like one, big, mega-club, in a sense.  It's really more a combination of art exhibit, concert venue, nightclub, and amusement park, if I had to describe it accurately.

Club 54 is the main "party venue", and our amazing Concert Hall will be the site of many great live concerts and events. There is a lot of planning still to go, however, and staffing is also something we're working on.  If you're interested to help out and you're already familiar with SecondLife. please look us up and let us know!

We want 'get it right' from the beginning and hit the ground running, so please pardon the wait while we get our ducks in order. Keep an eye out here for more information as it becomes available. In the meantime...

Stay bewildered, my friends!

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